About Us:

In 1975 Canyon Cleaners began providing dry cleaning services in the Roaring Fork Valley of Western Colorado.  Starting out with a small building, used equipment and a desire to provide quality dry cleaning service for the Glenwood Springs and Aspen area, Canyon Cleaners was born.

The summer of 1999 the ownership of Canyon Cleaners was being transferred to Randy and Ramona Jaeger.  During the transition process, the business suffered a devastating fire, destroying the building, equipment and everything in it.  By that afternoon arrangements had been made to clean and finish our customers clothing at another location making it possible for us to not miss one day of service.  Once again Canyon Cleaners was starting over, still determined to provide a premium quality service.

Canyon Cleaners relocated to Silt, Colorado with combined efforts of the insurance company and the previous owners.  The new 2400 square foot plant became operational January 17th 2000.   In the next ten years we concentrated on quality and service.  Pickup and delivery routes were expanded with a service from Aspen to Battlement Mesa and Meeker.  Also a computerized check in system and ticketing system was implemented, to provide more accuracy, consistency and a more professional appeal.

By 2008 we were pushing the capacity of our existing facility to the maximum.  The decision was made to expand with a new two story building.  The existing plant was renovated to a streamlined working environment by moving the office and front counter to the expansion building.  This allowed for new improved tensioning equipment to be installed and more efficient finishing practices to be implemented.  With rental space available in the expansion building, a little diversification was added.

Canyon Cleaners dedication to customers satisfaction, quality service and the environment have driven us to be a leader in the dry cleaning and laundry business.  We look forward to serving your cleaning needs at one of our store locations or with pickup and delivery service at your home or office.